Home Staging Process & Prices

"  Buyers only know what they see.  Not the way it's going to be!"     Barb S.


Initial Consultation                 $250


Step 1  

Home Staging Initial Consultation- During our Home Staging Initial Consultation we will show sellers how to look at their home from the inside out. Walking through, room by room, and assessing what needs to be edited or changed to ensure every room looks as amazing online as it will in person. We will recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the house and will advise the seller how to bring out the best when listing for sale. The homeowner will be given tips, tricks and recommendations on how to get their property ready.

A complete checklist can be sent in a very detailed Home Staging Report via email within 24-48 hours of the initial consultation for an additional fee of $50.

For Sale Prep       $100/hour (if required)


Step 2

 Preparing to Sell- Once the initial consultation is complete and you have received the Home Staging Report, we ask that you read through the recommendations and that you complete the work needed to get the home prepared for the third and final step of the staging process.

To help manage your budget, you can complete on your own the tasks in step two.  Alternatively, if you cannot take time out of your busy schedule to complete these tasks, or simply wish not to, we are more than happy to coordinate their completion for you.

We can use your existing furnishings in the resale redesign process to cut costs, or you can opt to buy or rent new pieces depending on your budget. 

We are here to help you in this process, as little or as much as you need!


$100/hr      $300-1/2 day     $600-full day


Step 3

Staging  (Prices vary depending on size of the home and time needed to stage)  When the property is ready, we will return for the third and final stage of the staging process and transform these spaces to create a home that buyers will love!  Furniture & art placement, accessorizing etc.…. it will be open house and showing ready, right down to the very last detail!

Staging Touch-up  (optional)                   $100/hour


If all of these steps have been completed, but you need someone to do a last minute touch-up before taking photographs or before your open house, we can help!  We will make sure that everything looks perfect right down to the last detail and add that special touch!   

"Home Staging is no longer an option in this real estate market, it's a must!"        Barbara C.