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Holiday Decorating by Aloma Home Staging & Design

Holiday & Event Decorating         $100/hour

No matter what the occasion or holiday, we will create a wonderful look and theme for your special event. We will magically transform any room, house, porch, pool deck, or whatever your location into a fabulous and elegant space or party atmosphere. Your guests will be in total awe. Your event will look elegant, sophisticated, extremely unique, and very festive. Any holiday can be made extra special with our festive touch!

Professional Shopping                $80/hour


Hate to shop or don’t have time? Do you go into the stores, find yourself overwhelmed and then leave without buying a thing? We understand that shopping can be very difficult and overwhelming. Break your shopping fear by working with a professional to make smart choices whether you’re purchasing big items or accessory shopping at Home Sense - We can help! We will find the perfect lighting, furniture or accessories to complete any room in your home. This can be done with or without you using your predetermined budget.