Interior Design Process & Prices

" Creating individual living spaces that express ones dreams and memories with colour, texture and design"   Unnown


Design Fee   $100/hour  

Every space and needs are different, so we have created the following steps to ensure the best design outcome for each client and every budget. Design work is billed on an hourly basis.  An estimate of design hours will be provided once we learn more about your project after the Initial Design Consultation.


Interior Design Consultation


Step 1

  (The session is 2 hours or more depending on the number of rooms and services needed)  During the Initial Design Consultation, we  start with the single most important step....  listening to you, the client! Our ability to clearly understand our clients’ needs and visions is something we pride ourselves in. Our objective during this visit will be to learn more about your design needs and get a clear understanding of your project’s scope.

We will discuss your lifestyle, personal style, budget and timeline.  We will take measurements, and also take pictures of the space(s). 

Design Concept Development

Step 2

 Once we have finished the Initial Design Consultation, if you would like to hire us for a specific design service, we will draw up a contract, outlining the design scope of the entire interior design project or service requested.  We will then begin the Design Concept Development process for your particular project that can consist of a complete room design makeover, design inspiration boards, a floor plan layout of a single room or even just a paint color scheme for an entire home. The possibilities are endless!

Design services that we offer, but are not limited to:

  •  Space Planning, Drawings and Floor Plans          
  •  Furniture Selection & Placement                     
  •  Product Sourcing                               
  •  Lighting Solutions and Fixture Selections            
  •  Design Inspiration Boards                      
  •  Furniture & Fabric Selections        
  •  And much more!!!
  • Colour Consults                                  
  • Finishing Touches, Artwork and Accessories          
  • Floorings                                                                         
  • Interior and Exterior Finishes      
  •  Tile and Counter Tops                                              
  •  Outdoor Spaces and Curb Appeal
  •  Window Treatments                       

Client Design Review & Delivery


Step 3

 Once the design concept is completed it will be delivered for your review.  For those who are DIY clients, you may choose to take the design concepts, inspiration boards, floor plans, list of items for purchase (amount & location), and other materials,  to implement them on your own at your own pace, as well as handle your own purchasing.  However you can also choose to hire us to complete this portion of the project for you.  You may have questions at this point in the process… we are here to answer.  We will also recommend contractors for various trades if needed.

Purchasing and Shopping

This service is offered to clients who don’t have the time, or simply choose not to do their own purchasing.  We will create all of your purchase orders for the design developed as well as negotiate with vendors on the best price for you. Once all purchase orders are completed, and the client approves the budget, the buying process can begin.  All purchase orders can be handed over at this time to the client for placing their own orders directly.

Don’t have time or don’t like shopping?  We can also help with this as much or as little as you want at our hourly rate.  See more details in “ Other Services”.



Step 4

 Sometimes the most crucial part of a design is the delivery and installation process. If you prefer to have a designer at the job site during delivery and installation we are available for you. We make sure that the process goes smoothly and items are implemented properly within the space.

Construction and Project Management

If your project involves remodeling and working with general contractors during this phase, we can conduct site visits, and keep tabs on the progress of work being done to ensure your project is moving forward with perfect installation. This way, you can avoid taking time off work and still have eyes on the project.Sometimes you may need extra help for certain tasks that are not part of your design project. We can help you with these projects as well, based on our hourly rate.

Style, Final Touches & Reveal


Step 5

 The most exciting part of the entire design process is pulling the whole look together.  You may choose to do this part of the process on your own, but we are here to help as much as needed.  Having a trained eye to put the last little details together makes all the difference! 

 Once everything is finished we will do the Reveal, and will do a final walk through of your newly completed space.  This is usually the most exciting phase for our interior design clients. We’ll meet with you and will reveal your newly designed spaces. Seeing our clients’ reactions is definitely a marquee moment for us in the design process. We take pride in making sure that every design is functional and reflects our client’s individual style and personality... ensuring our clients fall in love with their home all over again!

" The details are not the details.  They make the design"  Charles E.